Amy Foster

eBook written by Joseph Conrad

“Amy Foster” is an eBook about a Polish immigrant who got shipwrecked on the shores of Kent, England when he was on his way to America. The Polish man was Yanko Goorall who later married an English woman named Amy Foster.

This short story was written by Joseph Conrad in 1901. The story runs around Yanko Goorall whose real name is Janko Goral that literally means Johnny Highlander.

Being a Polish national, he doesn't speak any English and as a result he was treated as a madman and got ill treatments from English society.

He got whipped, stoned, beaten and even thrown in jail. He eventually learned the King's language and later married Amy Foster where they had a son.

The author was also a Polish man and the story reflects the alienation he felt in English society. “Amy Foster” was later made into a film titled “Swept from the Sea”.

Amy Foster


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